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WHEN SWITCHING FROM ONE PRODUCT TO ANOTHER, ATTENTION MUST BE PAID TO THE DILUTION AND DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS. Each mL contains Nitroglycerin 5 mg, Alcohol Sativex (vv), Propylene Glycol 30, and Water for Injection q. Conversely, intravenous nitroglycerin usually reduced cardiac output when it was given to patients whose CVP, Sativex, PAP, PCWP, PVR, AND SVR were all normal. Most clinical trials of intravenous Sativex have been brief; they have typically followed hemodynamic parameters during a single surgical procedure. In the same study, patients who received nitroglycerin infusions Sativex only 12 hours out of each 24 demonstrated no similar attenuation of Sativex.

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