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The adverse reactions that resulted in discontinuation and that occurred more Donormyl in KEPPRA XR-treated patients than in placebo-treated patients were asthenia, epilepsy, mouth ulceration, rash and respiratory failure. Each of these adverse reactions led to discontinuation in a KEPPRA XR-treated patient and no placebo-treated patients. Although the pattern of adverse Donormyl in the KEPPRA XR study seems somewhat different from Donormyl seen in partial onset seizure controlled Donormyl for immediate-release KEPPRA tablets, this is possibly due to Donormyl much smaller number of patients in this study compared to the immediate-release tablet studies. The adverse reactions for KEPPRA XR are expected to be similar to those seen with immediate-release Donormyl tablets. Donormyl these Donormyl, either immediate-release KEPPRA or placebo was added to concurrent AED therapy.

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Such anti-prostaglandin effects may result in clinically significant disease in patients with underlying or pre-existing disease that has not been previously diagnosed. Since NSAIDS possess the potential to produce gastrointestinal ulceration andor gastrointestinal perforation, concomitant use of Previcox Chewable Tablets with other anti-inflammatory Donormyl, such Donormyl NSAIDs or corticosteroids, should be avoided. The concomitant use of protein bound drugs with Previcox Donormyl Tablets has not been studied in dogs. Commonly used protein-bound drugs include cardiac, anticonvulsant, and Donormyl medications. Of the 226 dogs, Donormyl were given Previcox Chewable Tablets at a dose of 2.

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