About us

"Pinkstinks is a reaction to what we see around us."

Emma Moore

As parents, sisters and founders Abi and Emma Moore were becoming increasingly alarmed by overtly gender-segregated, sexist products aimed at young children. They decided something had to be done to stem the tide. At the time, Abi was making a film for CNN about US scientist Naomi Hallas, who was doing some amazing work on using nano technology to find a cure for cancer. Abi's return to the UK coincided with the press furore surrounding the release from prison of Paris Hilton for drink-driving offences. Intensely frustrated by the blanket press coverage of this non-event, this was the last straw for Abi and Emma. Pinkstinks was born.

Conceived in May 2008, Pinkstinks confronts the damaging messages that bombard girls though toys, clothes and media. Girls’ products overwhelmingly focus on being pretty, passive and obsessed with shopping, fashion and make up - this promotes a dangerously narrow definition of what it means to be a girl. These ‘Girly’ products and concepts are marketed, for the most part, under the umbrella of pink. Pink has become the ubiquitous brand colour to represent modern girlhood. This restrictive conditioning and colour-coding rears its ugly head from the moment a girl is born and continues into adulthood – with repercussions for both sexes.

Pinkstinks run targeted campaigns aimed at creating positive changes in the products, messages, labelling, categorisation and representations of girls. We use writing, social networking, video and blogging to raise awareness and tackle companies. Pinkstinks also seeks to offset current trends, by endorsing inclusive, positive play and adventure for both girls and boys. The website therefore features Pinkstinks approved toy/clothing companies and positive female role models for kids. We work with other organisations, campaigners and friends who share our vision.

Pinkstinks believes that by recognising and celebrating the fact that there's more than one way to be a girl, that the benefits for all children and wider society will be boundless.

In 2008 PinkStinks won a level 1 Award from UnLtd. In 2009 Abi & Emma won the Sheila McKechnie Foundation campaigners award in the Women Creating Change category, funded by Rosa. And in 2010 PinkStinks won a SMK Grass Routes Activists award, funded by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation.

In 2012 we were thrilled to be the winners of one of the first Body Confidence Awards, as voted for by Mumsnet users.

We are eternally grateful for the support and encouragement given by all of these wonderful organisations.

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